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I am Coach Greg Romero - 3x Olympic Coach and I’ve been helping racers perform beyond their potential at all levels of racing from Local & State Racing to The BMX World Championships and Olympic Games, and I am happy to share our proven winning secrets with you!

"Over my last four decades of racing and coaching, I’ve identified that winning success comes with being fully prepared physically, emotionally, mentally and strategically. And those that do not grab a podium, or watch the finals - struggle because of common racing mistakes...."

The Biggest Mistakes I See With Struggling Racers Are Flawed Gate Start Techniques, Terrible Track Skills And Low Confidence...

🚳 Having a flawed Gate Start Technique that robs you of your maximum power potential...
🚳 Not having any practice or training structure to follow leaving you confused and uncertain how to practice…
🚳 Not having the proper BMX racing skills and strategies to perform at your potential, leaving you frustrated despite putting in your best effort…
🚳 Not possessing the mental mind state and confidence to compete when it counts in single elimination or main event finals...

🚳 Not showing up to the race with your best power potential from the gate all the way to the finish line.…

The Good News For You Is... 

Being Race Ready is 

Easy Using My Secret Step By Step System and….


You are literally just minutes aways from removing doubt and having the racing confidence you want now!


Understand the biggest thing holding you back is missing a proven training system (it's worked for my coached athletes) and……
I am Excited To Give You The Secret Formula To Achieving Your Best BMX Racing Performance At Your Next Race!!!
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I put the BMX Training Pro Coaching System together because there are racers who struggle with their BMX racing (just like I used to)

My racing suffered at everything!

😩 Gate Starts
"I never felt explosive and powerful"
😩 First Straight Speed
"Riders would pull away from me"
😩 Mental Fitness
"My nerves always held my racing back"
😩 Racing Skills
"Always hesitant through jumps, scared of crashing"
😩 Racing Strategy
"Totally incompetent & making mistakes"



I quit racing at the age of thirteen because I got tired of struggling. When I raced, it felt like I was riding through quicksand... 
Losing hurt, it wasn't fun, and I was confused! I got into the sport to have fun, and the fuel for fun had ran out...
Other riders that I used to beat were smoking me, and no matter what I did for training or practice, it wasn’t good enough. I struggled mentally...
So I quit...
But then my urge to race came back, I felt there was unfinished business... 

I Went Back To The Drawing Board...

and integrated performance structure, discovered the courage to get back into BMX racing, and doing it the right way...
I visualized the success I wanted, went to work, addressing all of my concerns that made me frustrated...
I came back to racing and was faster, technically better at handling my bike, competent in racing top riders, and mentally fitter and tougher than ever...
The preparation strategy worked! 
I became one of the Top Amateurs in the country, winning two NAG #1 Titles...


I now had a successful BMX Racing Blue Print that also worked for me and for my athletes!
Understand that it’s hard to be successful without a successful plan….


The BMX Training Pro Coaching System Will Get You There!
"Here I am at the Beijing Olympics with my two students who have just won Olympic Medals! I never thought this could happen! I always wanted to help people achieve their highest dreams and here we are full of joy, pure excitement and full of confidence to take on the world!"
Greg Romero


🚀 Boost Your Gate Start Power and dominate the competition to the first jump!


🚀 Super Charge Your Track Speed and lower your lap times right away!
🚀 Reduce Your Holeshot Time and start leading more races out of the first turn!
🚀 Instantly Lift Your Confidence Level and have the competition fear you!
🚀 Push Your BMX Skills Beyond Limits and blaze through jumps and rhythm sections!
🚀 Legally Increase Leg Speed and out pedal the competition!
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee 

Inside Your Membership

Here Are A Few Of The Secrets You'll Discover...

Prepare to unlock the hidden gems within The BMX Training Pro Coaching System, where I unveil ten crucial secrets that will propel you to new heights of speed, power, and domination on the track...

Secret #1:  Identify How To Accelerate Out Of The Gate and Doing This One Trick That Instantly Improves Your Reaction and Power!
Secret #2:  Discover How To Pedal Faster Down The First Straight Using This Secret Technique Without Going To The Track!
Secret #3:  How To Race Aggressively and Immediately Put Fear Into Your Competition!
Secret #4:  The TWO Easiest Ways To Win The Lap Before The Drops, EVEN If You Have Low Confidence, I'll Boost It For You...
Secret #5:  How To MAKE ANY GEARING CHANGES Produce More Speed And Power From The Gate To The Finish Line...
Secret #6:  Learn My Best Secret Practice and Race Day Routines So You Will Get The Edge On The Competition.
Secret #7:  This MENTAL FOCUS SECRET Gives You Instant Confidence and Powerful Focus Even If Your Current Mental Strength Isn't Bullet Proof! 
Secret #8:  The Two Key Ingredients To Ensure You're Able To Handle The Physical Demands of Racing Nationals.
Secret #9:  How To Hit The Turbo Button For The Last Two Straights And Gain Speed On The Competition.
Secret #10:  The Ultimate Game Plan For Dialing In Your Leg Speed!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee 


Over 75 BMX Technique How-To Modules: 


🏆 Gate Start Technique and Power
🏆 First Straight Speed 
🏆 Track Racing Strategy
🏆 Passing Tactics
🏆 Jumping and Manualing
🏆 Bullet Proof Mind State
🏆 Sprint Training Secrets
🏆 BMX Equipment Set Up and More!
🏆 Step By Step Easy To Follow


(NEW FOR 2023!)


Every Month We Have A Members Only Live Coaching Meeting Where We Go Over Members Racing Technique and Strategies...


🏆 It’s Like Having Coach G Coaching You At The Track! An Intimate Coaching Clinic In The Comfort Of Your Own Home!


🏆 If You Miss The Live Meeting, It Will Be Recorded and Available For Replay, Plus You Will Have Access To All The Previous Live Coaching Meetings!


(4 Week Plans) 
 Over 5 Different Proven Performance Plans To Super Charge Your Racing Quickly! 
🏆 First Straight Acceleration Challenge To Get Ahead of The Competition Out Of The Gate and The First Straight 
🏆 Track Speed Challenge That Super Charges Your Lap Times
🏆 Gate Start Reaction Challenge To Fine Tune Your Start For The Next Important Race!
🏆 Step By Step Easy To Follow


Every Day Members Are Receiving An Email Of The Workout of The Day, Don’t Miss Out! 


☑️ Every Month Receive A Training Plan To Enhance and Super Charge Your Racing! 📆



☑️ Proven Workouts Inspired By Coach G's Best Olympic Preparation Strategies 📈



☑️ Step By Step and Easy To Follow Coaching Instruction📱



☑️ No More Second Guessing - Gain Instant Confidence Knowing You're Getting Fast 🧨


Total Value: $497


BONUS #2  

Thrive with a community that supports you. Connect with Coach G and your fellow racers!


☑️ Participate In Our Skill Challenges! Get Feedback On Your BMX Technique 💪 



☑️ Share Your Wins (Post Your Race Video) and help the community by telling us how you did it 🏆



☑️ Ask All Your Gearing and Bike Sizing Questions - Share Your Insight On What Works For You! ⚙️



☑️ It’s Like Being At The Track With All Your Friends 🤝 


Total Value: $497




Get The Proven Winning Secrets To Achieving and Crushing Goals - Don't Miss Out!


☑️ Learn The Secret to Visualize Success You Want (even if you can only visualize failure now) 🏆
☑️ Get the Winning Secrets & Start Crushing Your Goals 💪
☑️  Start Racing With More Motivation, and Turbo Boost Your Confidence Instantly 💪


☑️ This One Daily Trick Helped Me Win Every Pro Main at The Grands 🏆


Total Value: $497



(limited supply)


30 Day Money Back Guarantee 
🏆 Secret BMX Technique How-To Modules - Over 75 Videos 
🏆 BMX Training Pro Live Meetings - Interactive member meetings w/ Coach G 
🏆 BMX SUPER CHALLENGES - 5 Turbo Charging Training Plans
🏆 [Bonus] Coach G's Secret Training Plan Of The Month  
🏆 [Bonus] Access to the BMX Training Pro Global Community - More Tips!
🏆 [Bonus] Goal Achieving Secrets Masterclass - Achieve Any Goal
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See the results my students are getting...

Gain An Unfair

Competitive Edge

With BMX Racers getting faster with structure…competition is at an all time high - making it tough to break through…
With the BMX Training Pro Coaching System you’ll have the ability to generate full track speed and power from start to finish…
And have complete confidence to handle any race situation, anywhere, anytime…

Start Being 

Faster Now!

With The BMX Training Pro Coaching System quickly start super charging your racing speed right away!


This will catch the competition off guard and leave them wondering how you did it!


It's transformed my athletes racing experience and you'll find that it will transform your BMX racing experience...
 ✅  Wanting to BE FASTER & CONFIDENT at your next BMX race (reduce anxiety)
 ✅  YOU WANT NO MORE GUESS WORK with your weekly practice and training schedule
 ✅ Feeling STALE in your first straight performance and want to TURBO CHARGE it!
 ✅ Frustrated from previous BMX Racing performances at State & Nationals - WANT  TO REDEEM YOURSELF!
 ✅ For racers of any level that ARE MOTIVATED and dedicated to accomplishing your racing goals 

This is NOT for you if…


😩 You expect winning results without a winning plan


😩 You don't have the vision and growth mindset for success 


😩 You want to continue getting the same results you're getting now


😩 You're not willing to block out time and follow the easy step by step process



We've got the answers...
30 Day Money Back Guarantee